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CarWise Assurantiën is specialised in providing custom solutions for insuring fleets at car rental companies, leasing companies and car dealers.

As part of its Rent program, we offer the possibility of covering embezzlement and/or use a day policy for rental cars in addition to the existing garage policy.

A dealership or leasing company can also outsource the entire garage insurance or fleet coverage. CarWise Assurantiën meets the requirements of the Financial Services Act and acts as an Insurance Intermediary. Our specialisation is providing damage coverage for automotive products.

Who are we and what are we offering?

CarWise Assurantiën is part of the CarWise Group, located on Luidsprekerstraat 18 in Almere. CarWise works throughout the Netherlands. CarWise Assurantiën B.V. was founded in 1999.

Your benefits:

*Custom solutions

*Optimal conditions

*Sharp premiums based on collectivity

*Periodic benchmarking

*One contact for Insurance with knowledge of your company

*Your interests representative with insurers

Our services

Our activities are focussed on car rental and the car leasing market (SME) and it is possible to conclude all damage insurances related to cars through our mediation. We are able to arrange this by means of a so-called “Permanent Day Policy”, a 3-month policy, insurance in which only the driving risk for your demonstration cars or alternative transport cars are covered, or a complete garage insurance. We cover the risk of embezzlement.

For this, we have a fixed acceptance policy. For customers which have arranged their car insurance through us, we strive to ensure that their insurances match their professional circumstances to the greatest extent possible.  Our staff is permanently trained. We also have a professional liability Insurance.

How do we handle complaints?

If you are not satisfied with our services, you can submit your complaint and/or suggestion in the following ways:

By mail: CarWise Assurantiën B.V., Attn. Mr J. Fokke (board), PO Box 60131, 1320 AC Almere

Through our website: www.carwise.nl or mailto:info@carwise.nl

We also try to reach a mutual solution. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory solution, you can submit your complaint to the independent institution: Kifid (Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening), PO Box 93257, 2509 AG The Hague, 0900-3552248. info@kifid.nl www.kifid.nl

You can also apply to the civil courts.

Do you have any questions or comments?