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“Enriching your business"

CarWise Rental has developed a car rental formula which allows dealerships to professionally offer all kinds of mobility services, like alternative transport, commercial rental, short lease and other new kind of mobility formats.

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Account management

Our consultants advise the affiliated dealers and support them in the field of acceptance policy, management information, return on investment, insurances, financing, fleet mix and size, marketing and market programmes. This takes place in the form of an annual plan in which the consultant supports the dealers in order to achieve the agreed targets.

Training courses

In order to quickly and professionally train your employees in all aspects of car rental, CarWise Rental offers you an extensive programme. We can provide the following training courses:

  • Basic Training Rent
  • Basic Training RentWise
  • Advanced Training RentWise
  • Financial Training Organization RentWise
  • Professional Market Training
  • Commercial Training Rent
  • Correspondence Training RentWise

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CarWise has developed a unique software solution in-house: RentWise.

With this modular solution, you will be provided with the current status of your fleet at a glance. You can reserve cars, create agreements, draw up invoices (also digitally) and consult the BOVAG warning system. In order to optimally manage your rental department, RentWise also provides management information and a connection with your own DMS software solution.

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CarWise offers the possibility to insure your rental fleet and provides dealers attractive custom solutions to insure their fleet. Based on a collective, CarWise makes central agreements and thanks to scale benefits, we can achieve optimal conditions and significant benefits with respect to insurance premiums. Using our expertise, we can also offer garage insurances under favourable conditions.

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