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CarWise ICT makes a clear distinction between software lease (LeaseWise) and rental (RentWise). Not just because the lease and rental activities have a lot of differences, but also because these activities can be performed separately. One company may focus on both lease and rental, and the other company may simply focus on one of both activities. This is why CarWise ICT has developed LeaseWise and RentWise as two independent but complementary packages which may be considered as modules of each other thanks to their strong duality.

LeaseWise and RentWise can easily be connected to other solutions of CarWise ICT, such as AccountWise and our CRM system, and a number of external financial packages such as Exact software, Unit 4 / Multivers, ADP EVA (DMS), ADP Autoline (DMS), DBS Finance (DMS), OEC (DMS), MegaCar (DMS), Darts (DMS), Fis2000, Carlo and Navision.