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CarWise Group recognized Sustainable

CarWise Group captures Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability!

We have anchored Corporate Social Responsibility and acting in our business operations and have it structurally on our agenda. We are energy efficiently with the use of LED lighting and use of district heating. Attention is also paid to the welfare of our employees by creating good working conditions and offering future prospectives. Outside the company, we take our social responsibility by supporting charities and sponsoring local activities, not only financially, but also through participation by our employees in the Almere City Run and the Kikarun for example.

Therefore we have been rewarded the official Sustainability Certificate from the IvDM (Instituut voor Duurzame Mobiliteit) for another 2 years up till july 2022.

CSR statement

Our products and service-oriented support are based on innovative and sustainable mobility concepts for individuals and companies. It is our responsible, as a professional mobility company, to act, think and ensure CSR-awareness among our employees and to communicate this to our (future) customers. We have set clear CSR objectives (internal and external) since 2013.

In addition to our main goal of achieving a positive return and continuity, we also invest in people and the environment to secure the sustainability for generations to come. We have engaged an external agency for a baseline assessment and energy scan of our internal organisation. This baseline measurement has led to the so-called ‘Carbon Footprint’. This gave us a good idea of the CSR-status of CarWise. After a positive review of our current CSR-efforts, this has also led to a number of recommendations and improvements for our organisation. It is een ongoing process.

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