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Professional Market Training Rent

Intended for
Employees of car dealer companies who work full-time on the professional rental of an own rental fleet and sellers for the professional market who wants to include rental / shortlease.

When your company has more than 20 car rentals, hiring a rental specialist is a responsible step. This allows for professional expansion of the rental activities. This includes a pro-active approach to the local and regional market. The car rental specialist and/or seller within your organisation develops into a mobility advisor.

Learning objectives

  • Benefits Rent, ‘unique buying reasons’ Rental
  • Identifying mobility need
  • Rental as leverage for sales and relationship management
  • The opportunities of shortlease for your organisation
  • What does CarWise mean for me in sales?
  • How do I cooperate with the Rental department and CarWise?


  • The differences between ‘office’ and ‘field’ sales
  • Opportunities and threats in the rental market
  • FleetRent; as partner in business
  • Scoring prospect customers
  • Phased sales
  • Relationship management; retaining and expanding customers
  • Actual (fiscal) benefits for you and the customer
  • Cost prices, benchmark and rates

The training course is characterised by maximum orientation by brand using practical cases. CarWise supports the training course with practical tips and discusses the rental market in the Netherlands. Each subject is discussed briefly after which the materials are applied immediately. Thanks to the small number of participants, there is room for personal attention and open discussion based on actual situations. The training course is conducted by a third party.

The participants must be familiar with the contents of the Rent manual. At the end of the training course, each participant will receive a USB stick with all discussed cases.

Duration of this training course
1 day, including lunch + follow-up by your (CarWise) Consultant.

Excited by the training course offered, contact your CarWise Consultant or sign up here.

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