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Financial Training Organization RentWise

Intended for
Employees of the car dealership who work on the financial link of RentWise with the financial administration of the dealership.


The link of RentWise with the financial administration of the car dealership is often a one-time activity, but this must occur accurately. We have set up a customised training to give the financial employees even more insight into the process and opportunities within RentWise. This training is also useful for multi-branch structures.

Learning objectives

  • Organization calculation scheme
  • Knowledge of basic components
  • Use of cost types
  • Reading statistics and occupancy rate
  • Instalment invoicing
  • Deposit deposit bookings
  • Electronic invoicing


  • Creating and changing calculation scheme
  • Organizing ledger groups and free components
  • Customer link and debtor numbers
  • Branch structure and financial consequences
  • Instalment invoicing and booking process
  • Reading occupancy rate and statistics

The training course is characterised by maximum transfer of knowledge and with practical tips. Each subject is discussed in detail and the consequences of actions are explained. The group size is limited to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure there is room to ask questions.

The participant must be familiar with financial administrations.

Duration of this training course
1 half-day (= ½ day), including lunch.

Excited by the training course offered, contact your CarWise Consultant or sign up here.

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