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Commercial Training Car Rent

Employees of dealer companies who work on the professional rental of an own rental fleet and employees who want to include rental/short lease in their package.


If your company has multiple rental vehicles, the deployment of a rental specialist is a responsible step. This allows for professional expansion of the rental activities. This includes a pro-active approach to the local and regional market. The rental specialist and/or seller within your organisation develops into a mobility advisor.

 Learning objectives:

  • benefits of rental, ‘unique buying reasons’ of rental.
  • identifying mobility need.
  • acquiring new customers through hot or cold acquisition.
  • further professionalisation of current rental activities.
  • identifying the issue and/or becoming more successful by asking the right questions.
  • rental as leverage for sales and relationship management.


  • Who is the customer; determine DMU.
  • Structure of a sales pitch.
  • The differences between ‘office’ and ‘field’ sales.
  • How to better serve our existing customers?
  • How do I approach a prospect and a potential customer?
  • Relationship management; retaining customers and expanding
  • Using question techniques to facilitate acquisition.


The training course is characterised by maximum focus on actual cases with practical tips.

Duration of this training course

1 day, including lunch.

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