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Autolease Groningen

I have been using the CarWise software since I started at ALG/ALZ in 2008. I have previously used both Flipse and Estweeka.

The longer I work with CarWise, the better I like the solution.

The greatest strength to me are:

  • Good integration of the financial and the leasing administration
  • Very flexible administrative management
  • Easy access to current debtor information
  • Many linked or integrated application, allowing us a small leasing company to offer the professionalism of a much larger company, such as digital invoicing, online calculations, scanning, etc.
  • Also options for shortlease within the same solution, RentWise
  • Easy exports to Excel, even by people without in-depth knowledge

Marnix van Dijk

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DirectLease started as the first online leasing company in 2001. In the field of automation, we demand that the application is both efficient and stable. The solution selection for our back office activities led us to CarWise.

While working with CarWise, they have shown that they exceed our requirements. CarWise listens carefully to its customers, has expertise in the field of car leasing and car rental and pro-actively addresses developments. They also translate the above into a sound and thorough release policy, which makes them a perfect partner for us.

Roel Boone

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Lease Connection

Since Lease Connection as a medium-sized dealer leasing company has grown rapidly over the past few years, there arose a strong need in 2007 for a new and modern leasing solution to more efficiently serve our customers.

When choosing between leasing solutions of various suppliers, we had the following requirements for this leasing solution: 

  • Reliability
  • Ease of use for all departments
  • Integrated rental systems
  • Accessible from multiple locations (dealer locations)

Ultimately, we chose for LeaseWise by CarWise, as the system met all our requirements. We also had some experience with CarWise, as our Euromobil locations had been using RentWise for quite some time.

We drew up a conversion plan in consultation with CarWise. After a few months of monitoring,  making a good financial connection and training our staff, CarWise implemented the final conversion on a Friday evening in June 2007.

The new system had to be used the following Monday, which was quite exciting. To make sure everything with fine during this first week, two consultants of CarWise were present to support and coach our employees on the job. Working with LeaseWise actually went fine from the start.

By introducing LeaseWise, we took a great step forwards in terms of efficiency, which also benefits our customers. In the past year, we made the transition to digital invoicing, and now also provide online calculations to our customers.

We believe that we have made the right choice by partnering with CarWise, and benefit from working with LeaseWise every day.

May 2011.

Pieter van der Ree, directeur Lease Connection.

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It is always difficult to choose for a new automation solution.

Our vision does not solely focus on the specs, options and the ease of use of the system. The partnership between the supplier and the client might be even more important. In this field especially, we have experienced that the CarWise Group is a cooperating supplier with a lot of substantive knowledge of the car lease sector.

The cooperating and contributing attitude of CarWise has confirmed to us that we have made the right choice as CarWise as our partner. We can be brief about LeaseWise, without oversimplifying matters. The leasing solution is very user-friendly and as complete as you should expect of a car leasing solution. We have also noticed the reliability of LeaseWise during the 3 years we have now been using it. There was 0% downtime.

Based on our experiences with the CarWise Group as a supplier and the LeaseWise solution they offer, we would be more than willing to act as an ambassador for the CarWise Group. We are “simply” an enthusiastic customer and user of the Carwise solution. With compliments for the CarWise Group.

Peter Visser
Directeur LeaseVisie B.V.

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 M. de Koning Lease

After a bad experience with the conversion of the bankrupt Estweeka to Lease4all (centric), which never fully functioned, the choice for CarWise as a supplier was easy. We were already familiar with RentWise for our rental department, where we had good experiences working with this solution and other organisation, and submitted our demands and wishes to CarWise. This demonstrated that they were excellently able to meet our requirements, of which the integration of the lease, rental and financial solution into one system was just one.

CarWise drew up a thorough plan of approach for the conversion, which was not easy because it was done using a solution which was already converted a year ago, and did not go without a hitch.

Thanks to this structured approach to the conversion, the training of our staff and one week of after-care after the conversion, the entire transition took place as scheduled and without major problems.

After we were accustomed to the solution, further fine-tuning of this solution took place to ensure we could optimally use the options offered by the solution. We now use all available modules, which ensures that our processes are as efficient as possible so that we now save on FTEs. The solution does not only allow us to work more efficiently, but also improves our customer-focus thanks to the options of CRM, I-Wise and online calculations.

After 5 years, we can conclude that CarWise is an excellent partner for the automation of our processes, a partner who listens to its customers and continues to innovate its products so that we can focus on our customers.

Patrick van Dam
Manager Lease & verhuur
M. de Koning Autolease

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Strix Lease

After an extensive study to determine which automation solution best matches the Strix Lease Service organisation and supports our employees in a correct and efficient manner in the implementation of the services pursued by Strix Lease Service, we chose for the CarWise organisation and solution.

After making this choice, the real work started and preparations for the conversion had to be made. Because the conversion had to be realised within three months, the decision was made to let CarWise take the lead in this process without support from an external consultant. The conversion plan was described properly and a steering and working group was formed which had to ensure that the relevant aspects of the conversation gained the correct amount of attention and were implemented properly.

This group was led by René Fabrie, director at CarWise. The preparation and the conversion process was on schedule for the entire period and on November 27, we converted the systems. This process also took place without delays and was successful. The most important thing is that the right financial connections were present and that the various components were equal.

On Monday morning, the employees were confronted with the new CarWise environment and we could get to work. This took some getting used to, as everything was different, and all the screens and fields were new, despite the training. A number of CarWise consultants were present to help the employees get started with on the job coaching. This was two months ago, and now everyone is used to the system and the possibilities it offers.

We can see that we have made a number of steps in the field of efficiency, and generating reports has become a lot more accessible and easier. Our services have also been expanded by offering the online reporting module to our customers, and the first customers are now using the online calculation option. Drivers can now choose a car with options in a real-time online environment and can immediately see whether the car falls within the car scheme and what the potential online co-payment is. This amount also prevents additional tax liability and ensures that all costs are immediately clear to the driver.

To summarise, a lot of work had to be done, but we received the best possible support from the system and the CarWise employees, which allows us to say that CarWise was the right choice for us.

Norbert Karthaus
Strix Lease

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