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The administrative backbone of your company.

AccountWise is our software solution for the financial administration. It is a complete program which can be used separately if desired. However, AccountWise has been developed by CarWise ICT in conjunction with the other solutions for car leasing and rental companies, being LeaseWise and RentWise, this gives the solution an additional dimension. AccountWise on one hand and/or RentWise on the other can be fully integrated and together form the administrative backbone of your company.

Saving time and connect

The standard AccountWise solution offers you all features of a financial total solution. This standard solution can be expanded with the Invoice Registration and the Assets management. This allows you to create a software soltuion specifically focussed on the needs of your company. It also offers a direct link with Excel. The main reason to use AccountWise is that it saves you a lot of time, especially in combination with the other solutions offered by CarWise ICT.

AccountWise can be seamlessly linked with other, external financial administration solutions. Journal entries created with the booking programs from LeaseWise, RentWise and AccountWise are exported for this purpose.

Additional modules

The invoice registration allows advance registration of all types of invoices. It does not matter whether the invoice is booked for the ledger, license plate or a combination thereof. For each invoice type, the person responsible for booking the invoice and whether the invoice type must first be approved and by whom can all be set. The invoice registration always provides you a complete overview of invoices that still has to be booked. Combined with DocWise, the scanned invoice can directly be linked to a creditor, for example. If present, this scanned invoice shall be automatically shown if the invoice is booked or approved.

The Assets Management helps you carefully write off your assets. Within the Assets Management, you will be able to bundle various types of assets in groups and use separate ledger accounts for each group. These groups also ensure that the various types of assets are shown in an orderly manner. Various types of write-off are supported. Examples are a linear write-off, a fixed percentage or a fixed amount.

AccountWise, LeaseWise and RentWise, can be seamlessly linked with other, external financial administration solutions. There are links with Exact software, Unit 4 / Multivers, ADP EVA (DMS), ADP Autoline(DMS), DBS Finance (DMS), OEC (DMS) MegaCar (DMS), Darts(DMS), Fis2000, Carlo and Navision.

Additional options

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