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RentWise modules

In case of complementary cars rented, it can pollute your records significantly. With our module, the car file only contains license plates/cars that are part of your own fleet. Rental cars are not included when calculating the occupancy rate and rental parts with no active agreements are not even shown on the planning board. Advance reservations are also possible in combination with the management module.

This app helps you with the intake and provision of cars. In the app, you can capture the condition of the car, the kilometres driven and the fuel in a simple manner on a smartphone or tablet and confirm these with your customer.

24Rental is an external party which offers links to external databases. This allows you to check and accept (or reject) an individual or business customer in a simple manner. You can retrieve an excerpt from the Chamber of Commerce, but also check the general company information, risk rating, payment behaviour, credit advice, legal status and holding/parent company.

The Elena module allows you to check the Car Warning System (AWS = Auto Waarschuwing Systeem) of the Bovag. When making a reservation or concluding an agreement, this check can be done automatically, depending on the chosen settings. Both the renter and the driver are checked. The screen shows the registered persons and the reasons for the registration in a clear manner.

Through this option, all final invoices for a customer will initially be printed as a pro forma invoice. These final invoices are collected per debtor invoiced once a month on one invoice, for example.

Customers who want to receive their invoices directly will still have this option.

Allows for periodical creation of invoices for ongoing agreements without closing these. Partial invoices are settled in the final invoice.

This option is often used for monthly invoices for shortlease, but can also be used to invoice the actual periods. This can be done using a calendar in which you define whether a day should be invoiced or not. Weekends and holidays can be excluded from the invoice, for example.

For customers with multiple ongoing agreements, the periods can be collected on one invoice (if desired).


The provision of information is becoming increasingly important. Online communication plays an very important role in this. The services provided by rental companies reflect this change. This way of communicating with your customer is also much faster and more efficient. Establishing an own infrastructure is often complicated and expensive. This is why we have developed an online portal which enables you to inform your customers about the status of their services at limited costs. This portal also guarantees a correct link with your Back Office System.

Multi Outlets

The Multi Outlets module enables you to benefit from the economies of scale of a central organisation and administration without confronting the outlets with inflexibility or the slowness of a large system.

Each outlet has its own planning board. The outlet is able to configure the access to the planning board for rental for each employee . This ensures that an outlet employee is not needlessly confronted with the size of the organisation.

There is a central option to use the planning board for each outlet or from one central schedule across all branches. Employees can also work from the compiled group outlets/planning boards that together form a region.


Rental companies generate an enormous amount of documents throughout the process. These include invoices, intake forms, copies of passports, car arrangements, fines and damage documents. Each separate document must be stored and archived and must be immediately accessible if a situation demands. An invoice booked from your organisation will be automatically visible on the second monitor during the process. DocWise helps you manage, archive and provide access to the document flow within your organisation without any major investments. The only requirement is a TWAIN-controlled scanner (preferably network) and DocWise.


CRM concerns the management of your relations, but the strength of the module is possibly best reflected by the fact that the CRM module is a fully integrated solution within our CarWise product. This allows for the creation of CRM overviews in which open quotations are shown, for example.

From this overview, you can directly access the relevant quotation and return to the home screen when you are done. This makes CRM the starting point for all daily activities.

The costs of the car fleet are booked in this module. We have used our experience with LeaseWise to make efficient and thorough cost management possible within RentWise. Costs booked for a car are also booked in a journal entry posted for financial reporting.

All damage reports are managed within the damage module. This damage report is the pivot in the damage handling for the repairer, insurer, lessee and driver. The damage process is automated from report to closure. Hull damage in own management (VAR) is taken into account where appropriate.

The electronic invoicing to leasing companies through the ROB-net (ROB-EF) is now commonplace within the automotive industry. Currently, the majority of leasing companies and suppliers are connected. ROB-EF owes its success to the great advantages offered to leasing companies in particular, but also to suppliers who have linked their system to this network, such as RentWise. The invoice is digitally sent to the ROB-net through RentWise.

BOL stands for “Back Office Suppliers” and is the link between ROB-Net and RentWise with respect to the approval process. In addition to the digital invoicing, approval for repairs and maintenance are also given over the ROB-Net.

The financing module has been developed for management of object financing. This object financing can be done with or without car sales to the financier, allowing the management of off-balance constructions. Financing is introduced and managed per vehicle. This module keeps your financing clear. You will always have an overview of and insight into your financing and you will be able to determine your debt position each month, divided into short- and long term. You can also create an overview with remainder funding compared to your book values.

This module allows the digital processing of fines by the CJIB (or a leasing company which supports the same format). Both the file and the PDF-file can be read. The module looks for the right match and will forward or charge the fine depending on the agreement made with your debtor. You can also file a digital appeal to the CVOM based on the rental agreement.

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