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All damage reports are managed within the damage module. These damage reports are the key to damage claims involving the repairer, insurance company, the lessee and the driver. The damages process is automated from the initial report through to resolution.

Every letter and/or e-mail is recorded and, if applicable, account is also taken of any casualty and collision (Casco) insurance under own management (Missing Cars’ Registry) involved.

Invoices for windscreen damages can be submitted in file form by damage repairers. These files can be accessed and read within the damage module.

Since damages can often involve substantial sums of money, it is of crucial importance to monitor these properly, for example in terms of:

– damage costs,

– whether a policy excess is applicable,

– whether the damage report form has been received,

– whether the insurance company has paid out, etc.



The financing module has been developed for management of object financing. Financing is introduced and managed per vehicle or tranche (object).

The financing module grants insight into your financing and to determine your debt position each month, divided into short term and long term debts. You can also create an overview with remainder funding compared to your book values.

All invoices created within LeaseWise, RentWise and AccountWise can be exported as PDF-files on your personal letterhead if desired. For each debtor, it can be configured whether the invoice must be printed or sent electronically.

These invoices will then be processed using the Order2Cash or Payt Invoice Portal and an XML, Excel and PDF file will be available for each invoice. The invoices can also be read by the receiving party. You have the option to send a PDF copy in the notification mail from the Invoice Portal.

FlowWise helps you design your processes most efficiently and ensures the quality. FlowWise can perform automated verifications, send documents and assign tasks to (groups of) employees.

LeaseWise can be linked to ROB-Net, developed to handle most of the repair and maintenance work without the intervention of the leasing company. The invoice is automatically booked after approval using Electronic Invoicing. This results in a huge efficiency boost.

This solution allows you to sign lease contracts digitally. Both the contract holder and the internal signatory can complete this process entirely digitally. The use of a validated signature makes it completely legally, binding and accepted.

Various leasing companies are already operational using this method. It is now possible not only for the holding company, contract holder and lessee to sign a lease contract digitally, but also the fleet manager, driver and intermediary. This makes it possible, for example, for the intermediary to first approve the lease contract in advance before the end customer being required to sign.


DocWise helps you manage, archive and provide access to the document flow in your organisation without any major investments.


This online Fleet management portal supplies your customers insight in their car fleet. Customers are increasingly used to getting their information quickly, preferably right away online. This includes information from their leasing company. The companies themselves also want to offer this service and benefit from this quicker way of communicating with the customer and the corresponding savings.

The dashboard aims to give the lessee and/or driver a quick indication of its performance at you as a leasing company. The lessee can also track its own development in the indicated partial aspects over time.

Customers receive an individual login code and password and can access their selected data and several reports such as:

  • Driver details
  • Contract details
  • Car details, such as fiscal values
  • Car orders
  • Fines
  • Rental details (RentWise)
  • Damage details
  • Fuel details

Autodisk Online

Autodisk is our permanent partner when it comes to calculating and configuring objects. Since it is important for you as a leasing company to have an online presence, Autodisk has realised a number of additional products, and even though these products have been created by our partner, AutoDisk, they can be seamlessly integrated into CarWise.

Curious about the AutoDisk products?

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AutoDisk Online Leasing Calculator allows leasing companies to have their potential clients make online leasing calculations from any place and at any time.

It is a nicely designed, payable Internet application which can be seamlessly integrated on your own website with your own style.

Of course, the online calculations can be limited to just professionals and existing customers.

You can store the car schemes for all your customers in the Autodisk Online Car Scheme.

The drivers can use the Internet to directly choose the cars that fall within their category and then calculate their own contribution and can ultimately place their order.

A good car scheme is based on monthly fees instead of the consumer price of a car. These two have hardly anything to do with each other. Things like maintenance costs, residual value and fuel choice also affect the eventual total cost.

An effective solution to your remarketing

Appraisal management allows car dealers of your choice to directly bid on your retiring cars. You can track the entire bidding process and look at the residual value proposal of both AutoDisk and Autotelex (linked to the license plate) on your screen as a reference.

You can use this application for negotiations and complete the sale.



Over the past year, RDC has further expanded and rolled out the New Car Ordering (NCO) platform.

For years, leasing companies have used various methods to order cars from dealerships, such as telephone calls, visits, letters and more recently e-mail, to the great frustration of both dealers and leasing companies. Also, for a number of years, electronic options have been used to automatically book maintenance and repairs to damages, including ROB Next and Audaflow. With the implementation of the New Car Ordering (NCO) platform, CarWise, together with RDC, has automated the car ordering process, which is fully integrated in LeaseWise. As a LeaseWise client, you do not need a separate password, but can order any new car from Dutch car dealerships.

You can perform all transactions through the ‘Car order’ program in LeaseWise:

  • Digital sending of orders;
  • Approving (and monitoring) the agreed discount and total price;
  • Reporting returns of the order voucher;
  • Approving the delivery;
  • Internal registration of the car (various data, such as the licence plate and fiscal value, are taken from the platform);
  • Digital invoice is read and assessed using Invoice Registration;
  • Follow-up by the dealer in supplying further details, such as the expected delivery date, takes place automatically through the platform;
  • Proof of delivery/receipt signed by the driver and the digital invoice is automatically saved in DocWise.

Electronic transactions ensure that typing errors, miscommunication and waiting to speak to or hear back from someone are a thing of the past, not to mention the frustration of having to retype information unnecessarily or decipher illegible handwriting. Failure costs and dissatisfied customers due to errors when ordering a car, or discussions about the cause of and liability for the associated costs, are also consigned to the past.

The aforementioned benefits ensure accurate ordering and delivery details, allowing you to proactively keep drivers and fleet managers informed. In addition, when using FlowWise, you can send this type of communication automatically, without the user’s involvement.



CRM concerns the management of relationships, but the strength of the module is perhaps best reflected by the fact that the CRM module is a fully integrated solution within our CarWise product. This allows for the creation of CRM overviews in which open quotations are shown, for example. From this overview, you can directly access the relevant quotation and return to the home screen when you are done. This makes CRM the starting point for all daily activities.

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