“CarWise ICT, your IT partner for car lease and car rental “

CarWise ICT specialises in developing software for car rental (RentWise), car leasing and professional fleet management (LeaseWise). CarWise ICT also offers a complete solution for your financial accounts (AccountWise) which can be used independently or in combination with RentWise and/or LeaseWise.

CarWise ICT manages and develops these solutions in-house and supplies all over Europe.

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Our help desk employees are our consultants, which enables us to offer you the best possible service. If you have any questions or problems with respect to our software, you will speak with people who know exactly what goes on in daily practice because they regularly visit companies like yours. They can answer your questions quickly and adequately.

This form of service is also an important source of information for CarWise ICT. Thanks to your questions, comments and/or requests, we are able to continue to develop the software, to learn about the use of it by our customers and about the operational developments within the market.


Software which is so easy to use that it can be delivered without explanation or a manual simply does not exist. The CarWise ICT software is no exception to this rule, but the way in which we present our explanation is. Rather than creating a manual for each software component, CarWise ICT makes the procedures digitally available in an online environment. These procedures describe how subjects in the software are supported and how they can be used.


A monthly license fee is charged for our software. The user will not become the owner of the software, which prevents major investments in software solutions. It also allows us to keep developing the software and leverage our market leadership for your benefit. You are always assured of the latest software for your activities within the car leasing and car rental sector.

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